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Palladio Composite Doors

Wouldn’t you love the look and feel of a real, authentic wooden door where you can run your fingers over the grain and feel the natural beauty of wood? Well you just won’t be able to believe how realistic our range of composite doors are – they even have that heavy, solid feel of a real wooden door.

When choosing your new front door, there are a number of things to consider….

  • It’s got to look good – our doors look great and will enhance the look of your home
  • It’s got to last a long time – you don’t want to worry about replacing it any time soon
  • It’s got to be secure so that you feel safe in your own home
  • It’s got to be well-insulated to keep your home cosy and warm

Palladio composite doors are a magnificent addition to your home and will add value as well as a wonderful sense of solidity and security. They are convincingly “real” – in other words, even up close, they look and feel like an authentic solid wood door. The wonderful benefit of a composite door is that it is so much more secure than a standard PVC door – and better insulated.